Killifish Exhibition in Prague
18–20 September 2020


Original text (no longer valid)


Dear killifish friends,

we would like to invite you to our annual exhibition which will be held in the glasshouse of the Botanical Garden of Charles University on 18–20 September 2020.

The programme is summarized in the Exhibition Invitation and Programme (which you can download as a document in PDF).

the venue: Botanical Garden of Charles University (webpages in Czech)

Address: Na Slupi 433/16, Praha (in the broader city centre)

Warning: This is not the major and well known Botanical Garden in Trója located in the northern parts of the city.
How to get there
Metro B (yellow): station: Karlovo náměstí and then:
  • on foot about 500 m along the tram rails south (facing the church of Vyšehrad, past the Emauzy monastery)
  • one stop by tram to the stop: Botanická zahrada (lines 2, 3, 14, 17, 18, 24).


Information for Fish exhibitors

If you are considering to submit your fish to the exhibition, which makes us very happy, please follow the instructions on the fish registration page.